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Spiritual Life

Monthly Masses

Throughout the school year there are monthly mass, some of which are divided by elementary and high school and are celebrated in our school chapel.  During special church holidays such as Lent or the start of the school year, we hold a Eucharistic celebration as a whole school in our outdoor gymnasium.  

Daily Prayers

Religion teachers and students help organize daily prayers and during special months, such as October, the rosary is prayed as a community.

First Communion and Confirmation

Students who are Catholic have the opportunity to prepare for their First Communion (3rd graders) and Confirmation (10th graders).  Religion teachers are trained in this preparation and these special ceremonies at the school. We have visiting priests and usually his most reverent, archbishop José Vicente Nácher Tatay, during the Confirmation ceremony.

Spiritual Retreats

High school students, grades 7-12, attend an annual retreat at a special retreat center near Valle de Angeles or on campus.  Students do not need to be Catholic to attend the retreat.  It is a special time of reflection and bonding for students and teachers.

Religion Classes

All grades receive a religion class that meets once per week in elementary and once per schedule cycle in high school.  These classes teach family and spiritual values in addition to catechism-oriented topics.  Students of all faiths are welcome to learn from this class and can be excused from any form of prayer or worship, but can certainly engage in the majority of activities that are moral/ethical/values-oriented.

Youth Pastoral Group

For students who are interested in having a leadership role in spiritual activities, we have a youth pastoral group.  Some of these students help during mass as altar servers or by reading passages, they also lead daily prayers, and even participate in developing drama presentations to the school community.