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Parent/Student Resources

Access our Platforms

At Macris School we harness the power of technology to facilitate communication, teaching, and learning.  As a product, we have a variety of platforms that students and parents can use for various purposes.  Click on the icons below to access the platform websites.

  • Access course content
  • Complete class assignments
  • Take class assessments

University and Career Guidance

  • Learn about careers
  • Search for Universities
  • Send electronic documents
  • Request letters of recommendation

Macris Backoffice System

  • Re-enrollment system
  • Order Academic Documents, AP & PSAT ExamsFor exam and academic documents' ordering, see sections below.

Social-Emotional Learning Program for Home

  • Learn to Choose Love
  • Practice, Discuss, and Apply
  • Create a Safer World

Student Information System

  • Attendance Reports
  • Gradebook
  • Schedules

Online Library System

School Dismissal Application

  • Bus notifications
  • Announce pick up
  • Notify school of pick up changes

Leveled Reading Program

  • Assess reading levels
  • Find a variety of books
  • Customized to one's reading level
  • Become a strong reader

Request Academic Documents/Order PSAT Exams

Order Academic Documents/PSAT Exams

Students must order academic documents or PSAT exams with the help of their parents.  You will need your SIE ID and password emailed to you by our technology integration specialist.  Click on this box to access the system, but first check out our video to the right for instructions on how to place your order.

AP Exams

Students who take an AP course are encouraged to register and pay to take their AP exam, which is ordered by Macris School via College Board.  First students should create a College Board account if they don’t already have one, then register for their AP Classroom, and next order their AP exam through our Backoffice platform.

Create your College Board Account

If you haven't already done so.

You will need a College Board account to join an AP Classroom, to receive scores for PSAT testing, and to register for SAT exams.  Once you create an account, remember to store the information in a safe place for future use.

Join your AP Classroom

You will need your College Board account to do this

Your AP teacher will give you an access code at the beginning of the school year.  With this information and your College Board account, you can join your AP Classroom.

Register and Order your AP Exams

Students must be registered in their AP classroom in order for the school to order their AP exams.  Additionally, you will need to access the Macris Backoffice system to register and pay for your AP exams.  Please pay careful attention to deadlines given to you by the school.

College Admissions Exam Resources

Many universities require standardized tests as an admissions requirement.  It is important for you to review your university application list for information about testing.  Schools that offer test-optional requirements might use standardized testing scores for scholarship considerations.  Nonetheless, which test is right for you?  The flip side of the boxes below have some details about each exam.  Click on the boxes to access the testing registration website.

ACT Exam

About the ACT

Three and a half hour exam

Five Sections

English, Math, Reading, Science, Writing

Scored out of 120

SAT Exam

About the SAT Exam

Three-hour long exam

Evidence-based reading and writing section

Math Section

Scored out of 1600


About the PAA Exam

Latin American Universities Exam

Most Latin American universities require It

Check with the specific university to register

Speak with your guidance counselor for more information


About the TOEFL Exam

English Proficiency

Reading, speaking, listening, writing

Academic English

Duolingo Exam

About the Duolingo English Test

English Proficiency Exam

One hour test

Take it online, anywhere

Register for your English Proficiency Exam

Even though Macris is a bilingual school and our students are proficient in the English language, many universities require an English language proficiency exam for international students.  The most recognized and popular exam has been the TOEFL, but recently, universities have begun to accept other exams such as Duolingo.  It is important that you review the admissions requirements for each of the universities you wish to apply for more specific information. Hover over the boxes to the left to learn more about these two exams and click on them to access the exam registration pages.