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Catholic Tradition

Everything begins and ends with Christ

From María to Cristo

At Macris we value our students’ spiritual journey as much as their academic one.  Aside from teaching respect and tolerance toward all religions, we guide our Catholic students in their spiritual journey by providing weekly religion classes, celebrating a monthly Mass, sharing morning prayers and offering the opportunity for students to make their First Communion and Confirmation Sacraments in annual ceremonies we organize.

As enrichment, Macris also provides many opportunities for students to reflect on their spiritual growth. High school students have the opportunity to partake in retreats which permit students to meditate and reflect on their life following the steps of Jesus and Mary. Elementary has competitions where students can demonstrate their knowledge of Catholic Catechism, and there is also an annual contest where students can use art to demonstrate their interpretation of how Macris helps guide their family in the path of Christ and Mary.

The spirit of Macris is ecumenical, which includes the diversity of religious beliefs. Our students are not required to be Catholic to join our family and we embrace our diversity.

School Logo and Mascot

The name of the school has a special meaning, it unites the first letters of Mary and Christ in the Spanish language: Maria y Cristo.  Our school symbol is made of the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega, and to the right of these letters, there is a cross.  The meaning of our emblem is “Beginning and Ending in Christ”.

The Winged Lion, our school’s mascot, has biblical roots as it is a symbol of St. Mark, one of the four evangelists of the New Testament. The Prophet Ezekiel writes of a vision in which four winged creatures represent the four evangelists. The Winged Lion also is considered the symbol of the city of Venice where remains of St. Mark are buried.