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Guidance Program

Caring for the whole student

Social-Emotional Learning

Our students’ well-being is a priority to us.  Together with our house system and religion program, we also follow a social-emotional learning curriculum to help students reflect and learn together.  In elementary school room teachers incorporate activities while in high school the guidance counselors implement this special curriculum in their guidance counseling classes.  

Preparing students for the next step!

College Counseling

Macris has three guidance counselors, each counselor is responsible for four grade levels divided in the following manner: grades 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.  We have an additional guidance counselor who is responsible for our college counseling/vocational program that includes the use of a vocational/college platform known as BridgeU.  One of the high school guidance counselors works with students and their families to help students plan for their next educational steps.  Some of these services includes:

  • Helping students with their college essays
  • Organizing college visits from around the world
  • Working in tandem with Education USA (resource provided by the US Embassy)
  • Preparing and sending digital documents to universities

School Profile 2023-2024


School Profile 2023-2024


School Profile 2023-2024

Every year we publish a school profile to give important data to international universities.  The school profile includes information such as GPA distribution for previous year’s senior class, grading scale details, standardized test score means, and also college acceptances over the past five years.  As you will notice on the back page of the school profile, our students get accepted to universities around the world.  Click on the image to the left to open the document and download it.

For universities interested in more information or if you wish to visit our campus, please contact us at