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Mission/Portrait of a Winged Lion

Mission Statement

Macris School is a Catholic, bilingual institution that seeks to develop students of integrity who are prepared both academically and spiritually to excel in higher education and to be lifelong learners and leaders of positive change.

Graduates from our school are Winged Lions who emerge from their Macris experience with these essential human capacities fully developed.

Portrait of a Winged Lion

A Balanced Person

A Winged Lion can independently pursue their passions, apply their values and balance their resources to achieve a sustained sense of personal wellbeing and purpose.  A Winged Lion is a person of unwavering faith who demonstrates love of God through their daily actions.


A Compelling Communicator

A Winged Lion can independently design and deliver honest, informed communications, using different media, including matters of faith and principle, addressing ideas that matter in two or more languages. 


A Contributing Citizen

A Winged Lion can independently contribute in responsible ways to sustainable, equitable social and ecological ecosystems through leadership, humility, empathy and the practice of service to God.

An Innovative Creator

A Winged Lion can independently conceptualize and create a unique artifact, aesthetic or technological, to enhance human experience and/or expand human possibility.


A Rational Problem-solver

A Winged Lion can independently solve complex problems using sound reasoning based on an enduring understanding of causation steadily building their personal wisdom about why things happen.


A Respectful Relationship-builder

A Winged Lion can independently build respectful relationships with diverse individuals and groups, building a strong sense of personal identity and of national pride while constructing networks to achieve individual and collective goals.