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Thank you for your interest in working at Macris!

We are a bilingual Catholic school that is dedicated toward providing an exceptional education for its students as well as a stimulating and rewarding work environment for its employees. We gladly welcome individuals who are interested in the field of education, and who would like to be a part of our school community.

Macris School is committed to protecting children at their school and therefore, any potential job candidates will undergo a rigorous screening process including, but not limited to, criminal and court background checks, reference checks, and internet checks.

Please fill out the job application below.  If there are job openings, please specify which job you are seeking in your application and detail how you are a match for the job in your cover letter.  If there are no openings, please share what type of a position you are interested in and we will keep your job application on file.  If you have an questions, please email

Remote/hybrid/in-person classes

Openings for the 2021-2022 School Year

Elementary Teacher Assistant

Employment Status: Full-Time

Reports to:  Head Teacher/Principal/Directors

Description:  The role of the teacher assistant is to support student learning.  This means working proactively with the head teacher to support students individually or in small groups.

Preferred skills and abilities 

  • Fluent in both spoken and written English and Spanish preferred 
  • Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Exhibits self-motivation, high work standards and attention to detail 
  • High socio-emotional intelligence

Minimum Qualifications 

  • Possess a high school degree (Bachelor’s Degree in Education/Teaching or equivalent preferred) 
  • All candidates must clear a background check

Key Responsibilities (support to head teacher’s tasks)

  • Teach lessons with the end goal of creating critical thinkers
  • Take responsibility for the progress of a class according to the age of the students 
  • Organize the classroom environment and learning resources and create displays to encourage a positive learning environment. 
  • Plan, prepare and deliver differentiated lessons that cater the needs of the whole ability range within their class. 
  • Motivate students with enthusiastic, imaginative class activities, basing it on experiential learning whenever possible.
  • Prepare, evaluate and provide feedback to facilitate positive student development.
  • Meet requirements for the assessment. Records, evaluates and reports student’s development 
  • Provide feedback to parents on student’s progress. 
  • Work collaboratively with others to plan and coordinate work 
  • Organize and take part for school events, outings and activities. 
  • Undertake special assignments, ad-hoc functions and related duties as and when required. 

Homeroom Particularities In Elementary

  • Teaching all areas of the primary curriculum, including but not limited to Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies


High School Teacher Particularities

  • Teaching age-appropriate content within your subject matter
  • Collaborating with other teachers in different subject matters to occasionally create cross-curricular projects