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Welcome to Macris!

Preparing lifelong learners and leaders of positive change

Macris characterizes itself on being a values-based school that educates the whole student.  We prepare students who are not only skilled, competent, and knowledgeable to be successful in higher education at any university in the world, but our students are recognized as people of integrity.  We are a proud community that continues to grow, evolve, and impress.

Educating the Whole Student

Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Health

As a Catholic school students receive guidance through our religious activities, pastoral club, and sacrament preparation.  We have a guidance program that supports students in their development and prepares them for college.  Students learn about themselves and how to interact with others through our social-emotional learning program.


Our academic program is rigorous and prepares students to compete both internationally and nationally for university admissions and scholarships.  Students graduate with a national Honduran degree and a U.S. diploma.  They receive courses in both English and Spanish with the majority of the courses in English.

Physical Health

Students have ample opportunities for physical activities with access to basketball courts, soccer courts, a playground and green classrooms during breaks.  All grades take physical education courses and we have both noncompetitive (Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga) and competitive sports (Soccer, Volleyball) programs.  We have a school clinic with both an elementary division and a high school one each with its own doctor.

Social Intelligence

We believe in the importance of developing students of integrity who have strong values that help them become successful members and leaders of their communities.  Through our house system, students are assigned a school house, which represents one of our six core values.   We afford opportunities for students to exercise their leadership skills through co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

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