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Become a Winged Lion!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Macris School!

Since 1985 Macris School has worked diligently to provide its students with an exceptional education that prepares them to be leaders. Starting with a kindergarten and slowly building the school grade by grade, Macris has earned the reputation of academic excellence and has demonstrated that students graduate well-prepared to attend college and become successful young adults.

Macris has a college preparatory academic program, grades 1-12. Students graduate with a Título de Bachillerato Internacional en Ciencia y Humanidades and a High School Diploma. All students take the PSAT exam in their junior year to prepare them for the SAT exam required for U.S. and other international universities.  Students also have the opportunity to study several Advanced Placement (AP) courses beginning in 10th grade. These are but a few examples of the vigorous education that prepares students well for higher education.

Imagine for a moment that your child is graduating from Macris. After 12 years of a Macris education he/she will have earned a high school degree and will be preparing for the next step of his/her life,  higher education.  Macris will have opened the door of possibilities for your child to attend a university of his/her choice, either nationally or internationally, and very possibly with a scholarship to make the education affordable. Macris holds a strong running record of these student achievements.

We appreciate your interest in our school and hope you will consider us for your child’s future.

The Application Process


Fill out the online application and someone from admissions will contact you.

Fill out our simple online application and upload supporting documents if you have them handy.


Schedule the admissions exam.

All applicants will complete a MAP exam except incoming first graders who will receive a live evaluation with an admissions representative.


Schedule the admissions interview.

An admissions representative will organize an interview with you to learn more about your child’s education background and interest in Macris School.


The admissions team will contact you with a decision.

The admissions team will carefully review the admissions file and make a decision.


If admitted, you will complete the enrollment process.

If your child is accepted to Macris, the admissions process is only finished once you have provided the required documentation in addition to filling out paperwork and making a payment required for enrollment.

Required Documentation

Elementary School (Grades 1-6)

Original birth certificate

Certificate of Conduct on official letter from previous school

Certificate of Solvency on official letterhead from previous school

Photograph of vaccination card

Two ID sized photos

If Catholic, Certificate of Baptism (for Catholic students wishing to continue their spiritual education)

High School (Grades 7-12)

Original birth certificate (copies will not be accepted)

Photocopy of vaccination form

Two ID sized photos 

If the student is entering 7th grade, the original certificate of 6th grade.

If the student is entering 8th grade or higher, you must present transfer documents indicating RNE, Certification of Studies, and the final grade Actas from all of the previous grades.

Certificate of Conduct on official letter from previous school

Certificate of Solvency on official letterhead from previous school

9th Graders and above should bring official transcripts to help with college admissions in senior year.


Students who attended schools outside of Honduras

If student is Honduran, an original birth certificate.

If student is NOT Honduran, original birth certificate with apostille and if it is in another language, please include an official translation.

Grades earned with apostille and if it is in another language (other than English or Spanish), please include an official translation.  Ninth graders and above should bring official transcripts to help with college admissions in senior year.

You must present a request of course equivalency and proof of learning to the Ministry of Education.  This could be done personally or by a lawyer (contact the school for more information if you need help) if you wish to graduate with a Bachillerato.   

Afterward, you must present to the school the equivalencies admitted and the grades from courses accepted through the means of the proof of learning.

When to Apply?

Traditionally, students apply between March and July for the following school year, which begins in August. We accept students during the school year depending on the particular circumstance (international families or local families that move between cities). Additionally, students in Honduras that wish to move from schools that follow the traditional Honduran school calendar year (February to November), are welcome to join us when their school year ends. This helps the students adapt to Macris’ rigorous curriculum and in some cases, to the English language.


Macris is a private, tuition-based school that provides an exceptional education at a very affordable cost. Tuition rates are determined each year. For more information about tuition, contact us at

How to Apply?

To access grades 1-12 admissions form, request more information such as a school tour, click on the button below.

If you are interested in preschool (nursery to kindergarten), please visit the Macris Kinder website by clicking on the button below.

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents that are not uploaded along with the admissions online form can be emailed to Please include your child’s first and last name in the subject line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Macris School accredited?

Yes. Macris School is accredited nationally by the Honduran Secretary of Education and internationally by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

What if my child doesn't speak English or Spanish?

We will work with students who don’t speak English or Spanish. We provide some second language support, but depending on the grade level and language proficiency level, we might recommend a tutor.

Is transportation available?

There is a bus service available for an additional cost, which provides transportation to and from school during regular school hours. In high school there is an extracurricular bus service that drops students off at two locations in the city; there is no cost for the extracurricular bus.

Is there a charge for extracurricular activities?

Macris offers a variety of extracurricular activities including clubs and athletics. In high school there is a charge for outside programs such as French with the French Alliance in Tegucigalpa, instrument lessons and if there are competitions, uniforms for teams, or travel for events. 

In elementary school, there is a charge for some extracurricular activities such as sports, after school homework help, art, and music. 

Do students need to wear a uniform?

Yes. Macris has a uniform policy that includes a daily uniform and a physical education uniform. More information is available upon enrollment.

Is there an initiation fee when I first enroll my child at Macris School?

There are many schools that charge an initiation fee, but here at Macris School, we do not charge one. The goal always has been to make this school accessible to more families.  

Can families decide for their child to opt for only a high school diploma?

We offer two diplomas, the local Honduran one and a U.S. diploma. The recommendation is for students to obtain both diplomas especially if they wish to study in Honduras or other countries in Latin America.  Nonetheless, for some of our international families who might stay in Honduras for a limited number of years, families can decide to enroll them in the U.S. diploma program only.